The balancing act: inbound and outbound call traffic

The power of babelforce lies in streamlining how your call center manages inbound and outbound calls. With deep integration...

How to solve the BIG phone service problems

Why does building a fully-integrated phone service feel like banging your head against a wall? Call-recording is fraught with...

What we do

Applications to nurture relationships with your customers
Deploy landing pad telephone numbers and mobile & web widgets to your promotions. You can track contact requests and calls together with context information. It is easy and cost effective, so you can test and track any number of campaigns.
We capture the lead and trigger follow up action direct to your staff. babelforce helps you keep promises: we schedule the call back for you. And it all works with your existing systems.
babelforce helps you be responsive and proactive: if a customer is expecting communication we ensure it will happen - SMS and email notifications are sent to keep conversations active. You can setup and manage proactive messaging.
Service is part of the journey and it should fit within the ongoing dialog with the customer. With babelforce you can manage everything from backbone telecommunications services to self-service applications.
babelforce makes it a natural part of the dialog for users to post positive comments and recommendations for your business.
babelforce works out-of-the-box with virtually no integration work. You can use your existing systems. We also offer easy to use interfaces to allow integration with common systems.
All babelforce applications come with analytics to help you understand what's going on. While measuring performance is important, it is useless without a means to rapidly make changes and then iterate. This is what we make possible.
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