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The babelforce platform

Create your deeply integrated call center business process today:
Give your agents skills, organise teams, route calls to agents, deploy a telephone number and you are ready to roll
There is no limit to the number and type of IVR flows that you can create: add welcome messages, menus, out-of-hours, holidays, data capture and combine them into any number of call flows
You can add IVR and call flow elements for any number of languages and dynamically decide which language should be used
Simply add your Helpdesk, e.g. Zendesk, and you can control exactly how call and SMS events effect tickets. Create any support process
You can add a team or an employee working anywhere. Add as many inhouse and outsourced teams as you need. Keep them all under your control
You can use your existing numbers and also deploy new numbers globally for both voice calls and SMS
Get a single operational view across your communications process. You can tap directly into babelforce data to add any call event or metric to real time dashboards. You can also extract data to include in your BI solutions.
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