Customer Retention Outreach

Customer Retention Outreach

Your business objectives

customer retention

Decrease churn


Increase LTV of customers


Solve issues before revenue impact

Benefits customers achieve

Speed up outbound contact attempts tenfold  

Cut unproductive work and increase talk time 25%

Increase revenue by

Reducing churn
Increasing average LTV

Decrease cost by

Removing manual contact attempts
Increasing effective agent talk time
Automate reporting to measure performance
Reduce admin cost of preparing data

Process changes you want

Make contact attempts happen automatically on any occurrence that is relevant to retention
Give the agents or sales people real-time information to assist with retention interactions
Remove all the manual steps in rescheduling contact attempts. You will frequently need to reach out several times to get your customer on the phone. If any of these steps require manual intervention, the task can become impossible due to the resource that would be required. Automation is the key here.
Allow agents to work within existing systems: i.e. within existing System of Record (e.g. your Portfolio Management System and/or your CRM and/or your support Helpdesk system, etc.)

Reduce admin effort and increase the speed of preparing lists of contact entries to be contacted.

Automate the extraction of data and the preparation of reports so that you can accurately measure performance of your retention campaigns.

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