babelforce x neteleven = joining forces to transform customer service with automation

Lake Falconer
24 June 2024

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We are delighted to announce our partnership with neteleven, which will allow us to put conversation at the heart of customer service with expertise and technology.

neteleven and babelforce have something in common: we both believe that when it comes to CX, you should never accept second best. 

Bringing voice, Zendesk and people together. Customer service needs all three.

This partnership will expand our ability to elevate a business’s customer service function on every level. babelforce’s CCaaS and voice automation offering perfectly complements neteleven’s proven project implementation services. With our combined powers, we can offer:

  • Proven expertise in implementing and customizing complex CX projects
  • Automation that saves EUR 1 million per year with babelforce, the Best Voice Platform for Zendesk
  • Expert support connecting strategy, processes and technology to deliver outstanding customer service

“Creating unforgettable experiences for customers starts behind the scenes. babelforce’s partnership with neteleven ensures that nothing your customers see is ever left to chance. They deserve the best, and we’ll help you give it to them.”

Pierce Buckley, CEO at babelforce

Enhancing Zendesk to unlock real change for customers 

Adopting Zendesk is a massive productivity booster for customer service teams. But is that mission complete? Far from it.

Customizing Zendesk with advanced functionality like enterprise-grade telephony is a no-brainer for businesses that want to get maximum value from their contact center tech.

The babelforce platform’s ability to add CCaaS features and voice automation to Zendesk will be a major advantage on joint projects with neteleven. 

“We at neteleven are committed to help our customers achieve their digital goals. Pushing the boundaries of digital development is what drives us. With our partnerships with Zendesk and babelforce, we provide unbeatable customer service automation.”

Olaf Kleidon, Managing Director at neteleven

42% of contact center agent time is spent on (boring) repetitive tasks like data entry and intent questions. babelforce’s VoiceBot AI handles both, boosting agent efficiency and creating space for genuine conversations with your customers.

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About neteleven

neteleven is your trusted companion in the digital world, with many years of experience spanning strategy, development, and operation of digital solutions. They understand that digital projects are significant investments and challenges for any organization. As specialists in digital transformation, neteleven offers:

  • A comprehensive view of digital transformation projects
  • Expertise in implementing and customizing complex CX projects
  • An advanced partnership with Zendesk

Get the best of our blog in your inbox

News, guides and expert takes on all things customer experience and automation.

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