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How to turn Your Call Management Software into a Valuable Resource

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In an increasingly digital world, customers have more choices than ever when to interact with businesses. But despite the rise in the rate of communication through digital channels, phone systems remain a crucial part of customer service. The majority of customers — approximately 61% — still choose to resolve their issues with a live agent via phone. As a result, it’s essential to have dependable call management software in place to manage this correspondence.

With the right call management software, businesses can track, analyze, and evaluate both inbound and outbound calls. Effective use of the software gives contact centers access to valuable insights that allow them to make informed decisions and optimize performance.

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What is call management software?

Call management software relates to the systems used by companies for handling incoming and outgoing calls. With these systems, contact centers have the capability to track calls, analyze and evaluate key data, and direct calls to the correct place.

Call management software uses algorithms to successfully route calls to the appropriate agents and acts as a central database for customer service queries. Through this system, agents can easily access caller history, find solutions to commonly asked questions, and get additional help and context where necessary.

For any contact center worth its name, an efficient, effective call management system is vital for business success. Not only does it allow agents to quickly respond to calls, but it allows the company to build better long-term relationships with its customer base through a superior level of customer service.

60 % of agents say their company doesn't provide the tech they need to address customer challenges

How does call management software work?

Call management software refers to the wide range of tools that were created to boost the effectiveness and productivity of a contact center. These tools are available in a variety of forms and systems. However, most contact centers choose to use a similar set of processes that guarantee effective results.

The best call management software uses intelligent call transfer systems to ensure the customer reaches the right agent. This is typically based on various factors such as position within the call queue, agent availability, and any additional customer information gained through the use of interactive voice response (IVR) menus. Using this intelligent software, contact centers are better equipped to cater to their customers in a more personalized way.

What are the benefits of call management software?

Core call management software features deliver numerous benefits — all of which provide significant advantages to both the contact center itself and the level of customer service it provides. We outline some of the key benefits below.

Reduces overall costs

By ensuring that agents use their time and available resources as efficiently as possible, contact centers can reduce the overall costs associated with each individual call.

Facilitates scheduling

Through comprehensive analytics, contact centers can pinpoint periods with higher or lower call volumes. This helps ensure that the right number of agents are available when needed. 

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Improves performance

Call management software uses built-in recording features that give managers a complete overview of their department. As a result, you can evaluate agent performance, identify areas for improvement, and uncover training opportunities.

Minimizes lost or abandoned calls

One of the biggest problems for contact centers is the potential for lost, missed, and abandoned calls. With effective call routing, contact centers can ensure that calls are being handled by the appropriate agents, which reduces the probability of unsuccessful or unsatisfactory customer interactions.

Enhances security measures

Traditional ways of storing customer information often lack effective security measures. This can result in substandard customer service if the information is lost. With superior call management systems, call centers can efficiently protect customer information, ensuring safety and peace of mind. 

How can call centers use call management software to improve their business?

Contact centers must use call management software effectively to reap the full benefits it delivers. Doing so helps you turn your solution into an invaluable resource for customer service optimization. Here are a few ways to leverage call management software to improve your business performance.

Track customer calls

By tracking and monitoring customer calls, your call center can gather useful intelligence to help optimize operations. In addition to enhancing training through elements like recorded conversations that can be played back as guidance, it also provides real-time data reporting and demonstrates the effectiveness and value of various customer service processes.

Integrate with CRM solutions

The ability to integrate call center software with customer relationship management (CRM) systems makes a huge difference to the customer experience. The more information an agent has about the customer they’re speaking to, the more effective they can be at delivering satisfactory service.

Typically, call management software provides this crucial context through CTI (computer telephony integration) windows, which display all previous customer interactions and other relevant information to the agent. Access to detailed customer data provides a full picture and ensures agents can resolve questions or queries much faster.

96 % of customers say customer service plays a key role in their choice of brands

Deliver an omnichannel experience

Call management software enables contact centers to provide a streamlined omnichannel experience. With a central caller database, agents can view historical caller information, allowing both agents and customers to move effortlessly between different channels. It leads to a seamless exchange of information in both directions and allows for an elevated level of customer service. Through customer service personalization on the channels they’re most comfortable with, your front-line staff can boost satisfaction and retention to help your business grow.

Take advantage of call center software to boost performance

In the modern business landscape, dynamic call management software is key to running an efficient contact center operation. You can leverage a range of features to improve scheduling, reduce costs, enhance security, minimize lost or abandoned calls, which all help to increase satisfaction among your customers and boost your overall business performance.

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