virtual call center software

What is Virtual Call Center Software?

Virtual call center software enables contact centers to manage customer interactions from various channels cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Some organizations have their in-house contact centers, while others may outsource their customer service to third parties. 

This post will discuss virtual contact center software and its advantages for businesses.

Let’s delve in!

What is virtual call center software?

Virtual call center software is a cloud-based application that allows call center agents and sales representatives to manage and coordinate all customer interactions with a company remotely. 

Virtual call center software plays a significant role in facilitating customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty, which can help improve sales revenue for a company.

The days of having a group of contact agents settled into cubicles in a physical location to take inbound queries and make outbound calls routed to them using traditional telephone systems are gone. 

With virtual contact center software, contact agents can manage:

  • customer interactions
  • automate specific tasks
  • better handle calls, chats, emails and social media messages

Furthermore, it is easy for contact center team members to collaborate with customers across different time zones, locations, and devices within the software’s unified digital communication interface. 

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What are the characteristics of a typical virtual call center?

Remote work has been on the rise since 2009. Current research shows that more than 50% of people want full-time remote work

Concerning contact centers, research shows that 87% of people working in call centers reported high or very high-stress levels at their workplace. 

Therefore, companies must retain and attract the best contact agent talent by going remote.

However, to take your contact center remote, your contact center needs to have the following characteristics:

  • Remote management capability
  • The right auto-dialer
  • A real-time KPI dashboard
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Omnichannel functionality
  • A secure, cloud VPN

Why is virtual call center software becoming more popular among customer service teams?

Virtual contact centers are becoming a more popular option for those companies that want to offer 24/7 customer service, an omnichannel experience, and remote management capability to improve customer satisfaction rates and increase their bottom line.

Virtual call center software is favored among customer service teams as it has proven to increase their productivity

They can easily manage customers and collaborate with team members with real-time data synchronization, support ticket notifications, and seamless integrations with CRM tools

Agents all have access to the same intelligence, and it does not matter where they are located.

Advantages of using virtual call center software

Cloud contact centers are designed to work like the traditional call center, but the virtual contact center software gives them many advantages over their conventional physical counterparts.

Here is a list of benefits

  • The software is easy to install and use.
  • They are a cost-effective way for businesses to provide customers with superior customer service.
  • Enables increased flexibility, productivity, and satisfaction, meaning companies can hire the best talent regardless of geographical location or time constraints.
  • Better security for customer information because all data is stored in the cloud and not on a physical computer.
  • Seamless integration with third-party CRM tools from a single interface.
  • Higher customer satisfaction score rates.
  • Provides real-time contact center analytics such as how many call queues, call waiting, abandoned calls, etc.


As we already mentioned, remote work is rising, and the contact center industry is already making a quick shift, powered by virtual call center software. Companies can save costs yet still offer their customers superior services. 

In addition, the stress level in the contact industry is high, causing many contact agents to quit. This is a huge bother for contact center companies. But thanks to virtual contact software, companies can hire and manage more productive and happier contact agents from any location in the world due to the flexibility. 

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