Call Data

Integrate Call Data in Your Helpdesk or CRM

Many different things can happen during a phone call to a support hotline: messages played and recorded, SMS messages triggered, calls routed, caller selections, lookups in other systems, etc. From our work with customers on service and sales processes, it is clear to us that businesses need complete control of how all call data affects your other systems.

In a truly integrated phone service, all the things that happen on calls must be captured, recorded and displayed in your Helpdesk/CRM solutions for your agents. How does a modern multi-channel contact center enable this?

1. Something happens on the call

This can be anything; all that matters is that it is associated with a certain call. An automated SMS could be sent to the customer or a voicemail recorded; calls are constantly routed between applications or queues of agents. This information is processed in real time by the babelforce call center platform.

2. Action sent

As soon as this thing has happened – the message sent, the call routed – an action is fired off by the platform which alters some particular data in your Helpdesk/CRM. A ticket/case is created, tagged or updated. Deep business process integration means that the APIs of babelforce and the third-party software are in constant communication and that you can configure every aspect of how they interact.

3. Reading and displaying information

On the babelforce platform, all of these incidents and actions are logged and streamed in the background. The resulting updates, however, are translated into a user-friendly interface for agents. By using a babelforce action to effect a ticket/case, you can present the information using rule-based views in your Helpdesk or CRM, making the information and work flow more efficient for your agents.

The openness of these interactions means that any and all call data can be captured, for both BI analysis and the benefit of contact center agents. Every aspect of a call should be visible in order to optimize your call handling processes. babelforce integrates deeply, enabling your Helpdesk solution to interpret call data for agile integrated business processes.

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