SLA management in Zendesk

How to Use SLA Management for Call-backs in Zendesk

Call center process expert Pierce Buckley spoke with Graham Robson of CloudSET about how SLA management helps leaders understand their SLA data and turn it into meaningful performance improvements.

 Agent’s View of SLA in Zendesk

With CloudSET’s SLA assistant, agents can get a detailed view of individual tickets and SLA information on them. Events and deadlines have high visibility, making it easy to track the progress of cases at the most granular level.

How to Use SLA for babelforce Call-backs in Zendesk

Call-backs are segmented into categories within channels, and Zendesk users can view the service status in a simple colour-coded format. Custom categories allow users to keep up with the contact types that are most significant to their business processes and track pending call-back priorities.

What are the 3 benefits of SLA management

For Graham and CloudSET, the benefits of good SLA management are about what you know and how you can respond. That means an understanding at the macro and the micro level, and an ability for useful data to be shared across staff and supervisors.

SLA management is crucial to the operation of any successful contact center — without tracking your level of success, you can’t discover the areas of potential gain. With a powerful but simple-to-use Zendesk integration, monitoring SLA adherence is more straightforward than ever before. Tracking of SLAs on tickets from calls and SMS is often very important to babelforce customers. For example, call-back requests, out-of-hours calls for sales, tickets resulting from IVR automations, or SMS replies all need to result in measurable events in tickets. SLA management is essential to manage these together with tickets from all other channels.

About CloudSET:
CloudSET, by Coherence Design, founded in 2009 to extend Zendesk’s help desk application. They offer a range of extension products and services, including SLA Management and Conditionality solution’s.
Learn more about the babelforce integration platform:
babelforce provides a global platform that allows you to standardise integrations between call and contact center infrastructure and any of your other systems. Once your integrations are added, you can roll out new services and make deep changes to your processes without any software or IT project.

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