Evolution, not Revolution – Transforming Voice Reliant Contact Centres in a Digital World

Evolution, not Revolution – Transforming Voice Reliant Contact Centres in a Digital World

Contact centers are often faced with myriad issues when it comes to adapting and adopting practices and solutions that can transform the way they operate. Cutting through the layers of legacy technology and adopting a hybrid approach to incorporating omnichannel communications can be the best way forward.

Stakeholders understand the operational problems, the bottle-necks in service and support. They have analysed how competitive disruptors have adapted to serve customers in a dynamic digital world. They may even have assessed the solutions available to remedy these problems and deliver the necessary change.

In our experience, this doesn’t mean that the organisation is ready to tear up what exists in exchange for a totally new way of working. With change comes risk. Evolution through adaptation is preferable to revolution.

Why is telephony such a challenge?

Ironically, inbound telephony can often be the biggest stumbling block. Despite customers craving the ability to self-manage, it remains the mainstay of many contact centres where enquiries may ultimately require human interaction. Other channels and/or independent solutions may have been bolted-on in an attempt to deal with digital, but rarely in a seamless way.

Also, agents will understand how to manage customers using telephony and a computer screen (or two). Asking them to adapt to managing multiple channels inbound and outbound without onboarding, training or a solution that consolidates all inbound to create a single customer view, and the strategy for change will probably die in a week.

As a Zendesk Master Partner, we are prudent when we discuss how the platform can be deployed and change managed in the contact centre environment. We understand that the components may be weighted differently and owned by different stakeholders whether it’s the phone systems (ICT), the agents (CX or CS) or reporting (Business Analyst).

So – is Zendesk the solution?

While Zendesk is undoubtedly the most powerful and intuitive Support solution in the marketplace (everything from AI-driven bots through to Conversations in and out in social media, voice, chat email etc etc), it requires careful business process analysis to understand how best to deploy, if it is to add value and not impact on continuity in a large contact centre.

Nor does it always deliver what is required in terms of telephony. Complex routing, PCI and a host of other bespoke elements are often mandatory. Recognising the importance and reliance on ‘voice’ in a BPO/Contact Centre environment, we have sought to align with babelforce, a Zendesk voice partner that has an Enterprise-grade solution for use cases that cannot be satisfied solely by Zendesk Talk.

babelforce allows us to build complex voice solutions where inbound contact centre calls require more complex routing and integration into the Zendesk ticketing system, as well as leveraging existing transformational solutions designed specifically for key verticals (Utilities and Financial Services).

From an operational and risk perspective, it’s always prudent for an Enterprise to adapt and adopt, rather than transform overnight. Change can only happen if it supports continuity, which is why solutions such as Zendesk are aligned with complementary partners such as babelforce who can properly gain traction in the contact centre, enterprise environment.

About Appamondo

Appamondo is a technology service provider focused on transforming businesses through the use of cloud technology. They deploy, educate and support cloud technology for everyday business use. Appamondo provides Zendesk implementation, optimisation and training services, and can also aid with other applications, such as Google Apps for Work™, finance and accounting, CRM & cash collection.

They keep things simple by deploying, educating end-users in the use of, and supporting technologies that will transform the way you work. The mission is to create web-based organisations that can be operated from any place, on any device.

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