C&CCE contact center event

Even 100% Virtual, We’re Still Excited for C&CCE 2020!

I went to the landing page for the Call and Contact Center Expo and the first thing I saw was footage from last year. 

It looks pretty inviting; big auditoriums with lots of booths, people trying out new tech, and plenty of hand-shaking.  

But this year will be a bit different….

We won’t all get to meet in person or stroll around the event. We won’t get to trade business cards. (And we won’t get a company-funded trip to London!)

So let’s focus on what we will get:

  • A virtual networking area
  • 200+ exhibitors
  • 2 days for learning and sharing ideas
  • Many live demos
  • A *lot* of expert-led webinars

We can all get involved with a packed two-day event (from the comfort of our own offices.) We can tune in for enlivening webinars, like Pierce Buckely’s talk on how to automate anything in the contact center. And we can swap stories and tips about how we’re all weathering the Covid storm!

So what’s not to like? Look at it this way – no flight to London means no jetlag, guaranteed. 

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