New partnership announcement with Awaken

Good Times for No-Code! babelforce Partners With Awaken Intelligence for Best-in-Class Automation

babelforce has joined forces with Awaken Intelligence to combine the best in contact center automation with call-scripting and workflow process management. 

The deep two-way integration between babelforce and Awaken Intelligence gives internal contact centers and BPOs a platform to create any process flow for live or virtual agents.

How will our partnership work?

babelforce and Awaken Intelligence share a strong ‘No-Code’ philosophy, and that’s at the core of our partnership.

Our aim is to help businesses, however large, totally transform their processes with major development projects.

We’re working closely with Awaken’s contact center pros to deploy solutions for financial services, insurance, e-commerce, BPO and outsourced contact centers.

These are industries that deal with a lot of complexity. But if there’s one area where complexity isn’t welcome, it’s in customer service processes.

That’s why our collaboration focuses on automating key elements like data capture and entry and underlying business logic, leaving agents free to focus on CX.

We’re living in an automation revolution. For businesses, that means simpler compliance, optimized customer experience and considerable cost savings.

About babelforce

babelforce is a no-code automation platform that allows non-developers to manage any kind of integrated communications process. Enterprises use babelforce to deploy customer service and sales solutions that involve calls, video, SMS, messaging and telecommunications.

About Awaken Intelligence

Awaken Intelligence’s conversation AI suite is based on over 35 years of understanding customer needs and providing end to end technology based solutions that drive a frictionless customer experience. To date we have worked with over 850 customer brands across 40 countries delivering innovative technology solutions to improve their customers’ journeys. 

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