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It’s Official! babelforce + = Better Call Center Deployments with Zendesk

The babelforce team are absolutely *thrilled* to announce our new partnership with Our powerful integration/automation capability and’s implementation expertise will come together to supercharge your call center integration with Zendesk. 

How will our new partnership work?

Our partnership is focused on DACH, Denmark and Central Europe. will use the babelforce platform to deploy call center solutions integrated with Zendesk. Meanwhile, babelforce will get a big boost from’s implementation expertise.

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The Zendesk veterans over at know the importance of high-quality voice. That’s why they want to work with a platform that can support the complex network infrastructure and telecoms integrations which many companies need. 

At the same time, plenty of our customers need reliable implementation partners like to design, optimize and maintain processes on Zendesk and across call center systems. 

And of course, most contact centers want the ability to create automation between calls, SMS and other tools like ticketing and CRM. That’s something they can only achieve when their tools and infrastructure are deployed and integrated by the professionals. 

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About babelforce

babelforce is a global cloud communications platform focused on no-code integration and automation. It allows non-technical people to build even the most complex of integrated processes for customer-facing teams, particularly in the call center.

babelforce services are deployed in local data centers anywhere in the world: Europe & MEA, USA & Canada, APAC. As an integration platform, babelforce has integrators and pre-built connectors covering every component type used in modern contact centers and sales organisations: CRM, ticketing, BI, ERP, Workforce management and all kinds of messaging capability. The babelforce platform also gives direct access to infrastructure and algorithmic processing capabilities.

About is the largest Zendesk Premier Solution Provider and Implementation Partner in EMEA. They are experts in customer service and guide companies through digital customer service efficiency improvements – whether it’s by implementing a new Zendesk solution or optimizing an existing Zendesk solution. has set up and customized Zendesk solutions for some of the biggest companies in Europe as well as developed helpful Zendesk app extensions.

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