Business SMS

Business SMS as a Customer Service Channel

The smartphone has given young consumers access to support and services via multiple channels, the ability to switch channels quickly, and 24/7 reachability. Here are three challenges with the way businesses offer SMS services, and how they can be met effectively.

2 way SMS

With business SMS and other modern communication channels customer service trends continue to show a focus on matching customer service channels to your customers, products and services. Add to this the need for instant communications on multiple channels, as well as the millenial-smartphone boom, and you get the perfect recipe for 2 way SMS comms with your customers.

babelforce’s babelConnect app enables you to provide informational support and channel shift (to web help or to voice) via business SMS from your support tool of choice. Gather inbound and outbound messages into tickets along with call and other data. Give service agents access to an overview of channels and communications, and the ability to react with instant outbound SMS support.

Triggered SMS

Truly joined-up channels require deep data integrations, as well as the ability to use conditions in automating core support processes. The hunger for self-service support has created the unique need to combine the traditional channel of the phone with self-help avenues. Services must now be proactive in the way that support queries are handled.

Triggered automatic SMS makes this process more efficient on the babelforce platform, where triggered SMS messages can be configured within the call handling process. Let IVR categorize queries efficiently, then use triggers to send SMS based on completely customizable conditions. Automatically offer the key support info you know your customers need, and optimize their experience whilst saving contact center resources.

Outbound SMS campaigns

As the need for businesses to send powerful, lightweight campaigns increases, so too does the value of a outbound bulk SMS service. Outbound SMS campaigns are cost-effective, fast and better for the overall customer experience of your brand. Many channels claim to solve the problem of direct mass communication with customers; outbound SMS campaigns come closer than any other to achieving this.

We didn’t realize how popular our outbound SMS capabilities would be until our customers began to think of innovative use cases. We allow customers to leverage the API power underneath the bonnet of our contact center platform, giving them direct access to our telecommunications infrastructure and SMS campaigns. Promotions, breaking changes, service updates, announcements – serious customer service departments require powerful channels.

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