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The Balancing Act: Inbound and Outbound Calls

Outbound calling with  inbound routing. The power of babelforce lies in streamlining how your call center manages call traffic. With deep integration comes efficient resource management, for a fraction of the traditional market price.

Balancing resources

A universal difficulty of call center teams, be they sales or customer support, is balancing their resources. The skills and availability of your agents are finite – the languages they speak and time zones in which they operate, for example, cannot be changed with the press of a button. We believe, however, that configuring how and when they make or take calls should be infinitely flexible. The solution: blend the processes. Have the functionality of an outbound call center, whilst maintaining the routing configurations and integrations for your inbound calls.


When this flexibility increases, so does the need for the tools your agents use to work in complete unison. Customer data, as well as call or order history, must be at the immediate disposal of your teams, regardless of the direction of the call or even the agent. When babelforce integrates with your CRM and Help Desk services, it can automate what was once manual. The rules unique to your business decide when and in which direction calls are made. With us, you decide when to change the inbound vs outbound call rules, and do it on the fly. Learn more about integration.

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babelforce says no to solutions which still require laborious and costly processes. Call queues and tasks should be automated based on specific triggers, so that agent resources are used where they are needed the most. We build the means for this to happen, reducing your setup spend with integration and your operational cost with efficiency.

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