Contact Scheduling

Schedule Contacts with New Leads

In this series of posts, we have already looked at a few of the ways to use a dialer; such as customer retention and debt recovery, I will in this piece look at how an integrated dialer can be useful for automatically scheduling calls and how it can be crucial to the sale process.

The importance of striking while the iron is hot 

When new leads are generated from sources like your website, how are they scheduled? Does somebody manually transfer the details and schedule contacts? Maybe after checking Facebook, and stretching their legs?

Even if it’s handled through an automated process, how quickly will a new lead hear from you? Same day, tomorrow, or sometime next week?

Acting on new leads fast dramatically improves the chances of landing a new customer. In fact, they’re 21 times more likely to enter your sales process if you can contact them within five minutes. That’s compared with contacting them just thirty minutes after they register interest.

Clearly, something’s going on in those thirty minutes. It makes sense once you frame it within your own experience. How impressed would you be if a business responded to your query that quickly?

So make that kind of speed of response automatic. Don’t wait. Once the lead comes in, automatically schedule the call to the lead. With an integrated dialer, you can do every step of the initial response with automation: schedule the call, make the call automatically, keep making the call until you reach the person, automatically assign the right SDR or account executive, automatically update CRM and other data for the lead and calls.

Really there is no other way to achieve a five minute response time and no more efficient way to do all the tasks and steps involved. An integrated dialer with process automation is the key.

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