Business process logic

Business process logic

Core processes

Business process logic on an open telephony platform. We believe that designing call processes should begin with the core needs of your business. It doesn’t matter how your customers connect with you, these experiences should be joined up with your key systems: CRM, Helpdesk or BI. Process integration shouldn’t be limited –  at some point, all our customers say “Oh, so you can do that?” And that’s the way we like it.

Build anything

The business process – the heart of your contact center – can be boiled down to a series of logical statements: e.g. do A if B is the case, before or after C. Draw these conditions and actions out with the freedom to use any call attributes, then build flows and events to send SMS/Email, or affect any aspect of ticketing for Helpdesk or CRM.

Best of all, there is not a line of code to be written. Once your services are integrated via our open API, integrated processes are visible in a flexible web interface. Lay the foundations with triggers to match the conditions and resources of your contact center, then join up your channels and services effortlessly.

business process

Integrate any business processes with no coding needed!


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