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What is a Cloud-based Contact Center?

A cloud-based contact center is a contact hub that handles inbound and outbound calls using software hosted by a third party.Cloud-based contact centers usually access call center software on a subscription basis. This reduces capital investment and allows businesses to scale up or down easily.

Cloud-based contact

The key advantage of a cloud-based contact center is very simple: flexibility.

Do you want to run operations hundreds of miles apart?
You can.

Do you want to scale up with growth, or down with seasonal trends?
Not a problem.

Do you want to experiment with new ways of delivering your services?
Go right ahead.

With our cloud-based, no-code platform, you can change any aspect of your deployment, whenever you need to.

Set up in hours, not days

What’s the better use of your time? Configuring your next campaign, or actually starting it?

We’re not the first to say it, but time is money. You can relax and think about how much of both you’ve saved, when your babelforce deployment is ready to go within hours of setting up.

Get your agents, get your numbers, and start making and taking calls straight away.

Integrate with everything

Yes, everything – babelforce thrives on integration with your contact centre software and telephony.

And babelforce doesn’t just cooperate with in-house systems; it makes them more useful. CRM, Helpdesk, and ticketing systems can all benefit from a deep data integration that automates key processes, and delivers the customer information agents depend on.

With more integrated communications between your core business tools, you’ll take one giant step closer to a 360 degree view of your customers.

Create the call flows you’ve imagined

babelforce isn’t a tool, it’s a toolkit. We’ve never tried to deliver a ‘one size fits all’ platform for the typical contact center, because there are no typical contact centers.

Instead, we’ve created a call center platform where every element is open to your customization. When it comes to deploying features like IVR, queueing, routing, and automated SMS, we know who best understands your needs.

That would be you.

With no coding required – with nothing but drag and drop tools – you can create, edit, and improve any call or process flow you can imagine.

We allow you to change your processes at the same speed as customer needs

Request a demo and we will help you to build the most complex of integrated processes.

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