Data protection and call recording in the European Union

Data Protection and Call Recording in the European Union

How do companies record calls as part of their daily business ensure that these recording processes remain compliant?
The transmission and storage of personal data is a sensitive issue, perhaps nowhere more so than in the European Union. Its impact on European business is felt through data protection compliance, which affects a large amount of business-customer interactions.

The spread of cloud technologies and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has meant that SMBs and mid-market companies are able to interact with customers in ever more innovative ways. With these developments come new challenges when businesses tackle data protection.

This babelforce Insight paper will address the essential factors for EU business and data protection, focusing on a business process which is often affected: call recording.

The aim of this text is to:

  • Inform you of important data protection legislation in the EU, and how it can vary and change. Simply put, if your interaction with customers involves processing their data in or via the European Union, these changes and national variance affect the way you do business.
  • Demonstrate how these laws pertain to call recording as carried out for business.
  • Help you to understand these challenges and how they can be solved. Non-compliance should clearly be avoided, and to conclude we will explore how with babelforce’s flexible call recording apps these challenges can be met head-on.

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