Expondo case study

Expondo exceeds CX ambitions with babelforce

After years of growth, Expondo’s customer contact infrastructure could no longer support the quality of engagement they wanted to offer.

Expondo is one of the leading marketplaces for professional equipment in Europe. By choosing babelforce as their call handling platform, Expondo was able to gain enormous insight into their customer base, take full control of call routing and dive deep into their performance metrics.

Expondo’s Challenge

Without the tools to properly manage incoming calls, Expondo’s customer service team had very limited information about their traffic. Their ambition to improve service was hampered by missing data on lost calls, call length and wait times.

Sophisticated routing wasn’t an option either; incoming calls weren’t routed based or knowledge or availability, and it wasn’t clear who was responsible for resolution.

Despite a customer-centric culture, Expondo couldn’t guarantee speedy outcomes and directed most of their service enquiries to email.


Key achievements

With babelforce, Expondo reduced
abandoned calls to just 5%

They were able to create automated
routing for around 20 languages

Their telephony is now fully
integrated with Zendesk ticketing

The Solution

Working with babelforce, Expondo gained more control of call flows and more visibility of their outcomes.

Automated routing: Routing was a big focus; Expondo needed to make sure that each call was assigned to a specific agent.

Automation played an important role as Expondo handles around 20 languages, and needed to process language selection efficiently. Now, callers are automatically routed to their language preference

Custom call flows: Expondo also needed to test new ideas quickly. With babelforce’s no-code tools, they could easily design and create new call flows without major software projects.

Expondo now offers a growing set of alternative services at fixed points in their call flow, including a mailbox, a callback option and service in a second language.

KPI dashboards: Expondo now has full visibility of the details of every call, which previously went unrecorded.

Using babelforce’s KPI dashboards, they can understand who called and how many times, which services they used and how long the interaction lasted.

In addition to KPI dashboards, Expondo benefited from babelforce’s extensive integration with Zendesk, which they use for ticketing.

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Our clients say:

One of the biggest benefits of
babelforce is our direct contact with
the babelforce team.

They’re always available and
whenever we're trying something
new in the system they’re helpful and
patient. We love the product and the
support is outstanding.

Head of Customer Experience Management

The Outcome

Expondo adopted babelforce as their call center solution. Now, they can test entirely new areas of service quickly and easily.

This ‘test and learn’ approach helped them learn many vital lessons about their customers’ needs. They’ve experimented with an extended weekend service and have been able to fine-tune their opening hours, bringing the volume of lost calls down to their 5% target

Their new approach to routing, based on language preference, has also shone a light on the simple but significant differences across their customer base .

For example, Expondo were able to quantify the preference their Italian customers have for phone contact and compare it with German customers’ preference for email.

With these kinds of insights, Expondo can offer an ever more personal – and cost-effective – customer experience.

There are two huge benefits for us: first, we now have detailed data on what customers do and what they want.

Second, we can create any integrated process between calls and ticketing.

We love the product and the support is outstanding. Whenever we're trying something new, the team at babelforce are there to help.”

Head of Customer Experience Management

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