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Streamlined Support with Automated SMS and IVR

Could you reduce your agent-handling time and allow your agents to focus on the queries that really need their expertise?

There are often good ways to automate some queries. And automated phone system is good when it comes to support. Figures suggest that customers like self-service options. Plus you’re not limited as to when you can offer service, increasing the quality of customer experience. Oh, and the cost is lower. Much lower.

Automated SMS

Inbound calls with queries that can be addressed by triggering SMS including links and text information

An automated text message service is the quickest and most cost-effective way of providing truly mobile service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If support issues can be solved through other self-service avenues, callers should be offered those services intelligently, before call center resources are used. For example, sometimes large numbers of calls could be resolved by triggering an SMS with instructions or a link.

IVR System

Inbound calls that can be answered using IVR (Interactive Voice Response) message

By interacting with menu options, customers take the quickest possible route to solving their query. Any number of different support SMS messages or informative audio instructions, for example, can be configured to play in the call flow using automated voice. At any stage where the customer requires choice, a well-designed IVR system optimises the service. Waiting on hold, the worst offender of the customer experience, can be reduced by simply defining a time after which alternative services are offered.