babelConnect for Salesforce

Integrated telephony, workflow automation and VoiceBot service for your Salesforce. Only babelConnect can.  


The #1 Most Flexible Contact Center Platform

babelforce is the Customer Experience platform that lets you manage beginning-to-end customer engagements without ever leaving Salesforce.

Build the automated experiences your customers want, connect every tool you depend on, and automate 90% of routine processes. 

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VoiceBot automation for your services

Why are businesses making the switch to VoiceBot?

It’s simple – VoiceBots add value in around 80% of interactions, either by total automation, intent gathering, or data entry. 

Get the facts on VoiceBot automation here. 

Your Familiar User Interface

Manage customer engagements without ever needing to leave Salesforce or repeat data entry tasks.


Unite your comms and deliver context-aware experiences for an omnichannel world.

Customizable Workflows

Create unique, configurable workflows that fit your customers, your agents, and your business.


Add full or partial automation to every interaction with VoiceBots that integrate fully with your business processes.

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Take your service to the next level with the most powerful telephony and automation platform for Salesforce. 

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Why add babelConnect to your Salesforce?