Zendesk Telephony Integration For First-Class Customer Service


Zendesk is a powerful customer service platform that over 100,000 businesses rely on to deliver exceptional customer experiences. But when you need enterprise-level telephony support, babelforce has you covered.

The #1 Most Flexible Contact Center Platform

babelforce is the composable voice platform that integrates seamlessly with Zendesk. That means you never lose track of customer communications, whether they take place over the phone, via chat, or through email.

Build the experiences your customers want, connect every tool you depend on, and automate 90% of routine processes. Book your personal demo now to discover the limitless possibilities of babelforce.

Optimize Your Call Center With Our Zendesk Integration

Faster Contact Resolutions

babelforce’s seamless integration with Zendesk allows you to manage customer service efficiently and effectively. Provide full customer history, including all interactions and communications at the fingertips of your contact center agents. Readily available access to this information ensures better service and faster resolutions to customer issues.

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Take Pressure Off Your Agents

Better software integration can take the pressure off your agents and reduce the major issue of staff churn. By integrating your CRM with your telephony platform, your agents can save significant time chasing customer information and completing tedious post-call admin. This means less stress for your agents and greater productivity across the board.

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Get A Bird's Eye View

Zendesk’s integration with babelforce gives you a bird’s eye view of your customers. With all interactions and communications in one place, you can gain a much deeper understanding of their needs and preferences. Build customer loyalty and satisfaction using an intelligent platform that creates personalized customer experiences. 

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In just a few clicks, your agents will be up and running, ready to deliver exceptional support.

Omnichannel Support

Unite all your communications and deliver context-aware experiences for an omnichannel world.

Customizable Workflows

Create unique, configurable workflows that fit your customers, your agents, and your business.


Take back control and make customer data actionable by integrating the tools you count on.

The Complete Customer Interaction History In One Place

Take your customer service to the next level. Integrate Zendesk with babelforce to create context-driven customer experiences. Download our eBook to learn more.

Transform The Way You Connect With Customers

Juggling multiple platforms is a CX killer. Delivering exceptional experiences requires cross-platform integration and unified customer data. babelforce makes that happen.

  • Siloed contact center agents spend 15% of their time trying to locate customer information 
  • A 200-agent contact center will lose $1.5M in labor costs annually because of siloed communications

babelforce & Zendesk: A Perfect Match

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Find out for yourself how Zendesk’s integration with babelforce can make life a breeze for your call center. Book a free demo today and see how easy it is to get started.

In addition to making life easier for your agents, you can also deliver the highest level of service to your customers. Integrated solutions streamline your call center operations, ensuring you’re running a well-oiled machine.