International Numbers

Largest selection of numbers in the world

Companies frequently have complex inbound number management requirements. Most common of all is the need to publish telephone numbers all around the world. babelforce has international numbers available in almost every country in the world. The majority are ready to deploy immediately. Another common business need is to be able to publish the right mixture of toll free numbers/free phone and other kinds of numbers. This can be to drive sales or to meet regulatory and PCI compliance requirements.

Better management of existing numbers

Our customers often need to manage anywhere between dozens and thousands of international numbers. With our multi-carrier network and telecommunications infrastructure, we make it possible for you to bring your existing numbers with you: You can keep them and send calls to the babelforce platform or if you wish you can port numbers to us. In fact, we make it simple to ensure that you can get more value out of your existing inbound call routes and any new ones that you deploy.

call center international numbers

Integrate any business processes with no coding needed!