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Real-world Flexibility: Can Your Contact Center Change at the Drop of a Hat?

If there’s one thing you can rely on happening in the tumultuous world of business, it’s the need for innovative solutions. Or as they’re more often called, ‘urgent crises’. Whether your contact center is large or small, you should have the flexibility to adapt.

The Scenario

A series of marketing campaigns drives sales up in a foreign market! Champagne out, etc. Order requests flood in, and at first everything is rosy. After a while though, the volume of inbound traffic nears capacity…


The overseas contact center becomes overloaded. Wait times gradually increase, customer experience worsens and potential sales are lost.


Your contact center manager is able to adapt, routing calls instantly to additional agent groups at home to ease the burden.


If a new development changes the nature of your business, the last thing which should have to wait is your business!

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