global contact center

Go Global – International Support Made Easy

Many businesses are not aware of how much easier it is now to offer global contact center services. There is far more flexibility at your disposal than you might imagine. Only a few years ago, it was a massive task to deploy multi-language and multi-country support global call center. In fact only reasonably large organisations could do it.

We set out to change that. Many of our customers deploy mixed in-house and outsourced agent teams serving customers in dozens of countries and they do so at a small fraction of the usual price tag of such an implementation. We see no reason why a business should not be able to offer high-quality international support and service even for a new product with a tiny initial team.

Most of the barriers to doing so in the past are now pretty much irrelevant. In the babelforce platform we have removed every obstacle:

  • Global contact center technology:

Telecommunications and helpdesk technologies can now be deployed anywhere without any new equipment

  • Telephone numbers:

Global inbound telephone numbers of all kinds can be activated easily. You can also keep existing numbers.

  • Human resources:

It is now easy to get outsourced customer service representatives and have them work seamlessly with in-house staff. You can even quickly deploy multiple outsource suppliers all working on support technology that you control.

On top of these core elements you also have unprecedented flexibility: You can setup and go live with all kinds of call flows and integrated business processes more rapidly and cost effectively than ever before. Since we use highly integratable interfaces for everything, it is indeed hard to imagine a use case that you cannot achieve on the platform.

No matter what you are looking for – CTI, helpdesk integration, CRM integration, skills-based routing, integrated IVR, PCI compliance for card payment, call recording … – you will see that you can do it on the babelforce platform.