Automate with IVR Callbots

Your business objectives

Automate with IVR Callbots

  1. Reduce agent handling time
  2. Move routine processes to automation
  3. Improve the self-serve options for customers

Benefits customers achieve

 77% say bad IVR is a major contributor to a negative experience

80% of routine tasks automated

Near zero wait time for high value customers

Increase revenue by

Retaining high LTV customers

Freeing agents up for cross/up-sell & customer care

Decrease cost by

Automating routine tasks

Reducing demand on agents at peak times

Improving data quality

Process changes you want

Input from caller

Dynamically decide when to request additional inputs from callers

Automated callbots

Collect inputs using automated callbots and add variables to the session data

Route calls

Use the data to decide how to route calls and what self-serve options to offer

Redirect caller

Efficiently redirect the caller to alternative services or channels based on availability, LTV of customer, customer segment or any other data you want to use