Call back while waiting

Your business objectives

call back request for waiting customer

  1. Reduce wait time for customers

  2. Manage peak demand efficiently

  3. Improve customer experience

Benefits customers achieve

  69% say waiting too long is main reason for negative experience

>10 times increase in contact attempts

25% increase in agent talk time

Increase revenue by

Reducing churn

AIncreasing average LTV

Decrease cost by

Removing manual contact attempts

Increasing effective agent talk time

Reduce admin cost of preparing data

Automate reporting to measure performance

Process changes you want

Offer call-back to customers instead of waiting

No one wants to wait in a call queue. It is especially inappropriate when the wait is expected to be long.

A much more customer-oriented approach is to offer a call-back.

Dynamically offer call-back when demand is high

It is important to offer call-back in the right circumstances. So you need to automatically decide in the call-flow whether the customer is likely to wait long or not. This requires real-time metrics on availability of agents who have the right right skills to handle the call in question.

Allow prioritization of customers to call-back

In many cases, when you offer a call-back you also need a mechanism to prioritize who to call first, i.e. call-back attempts later need to be scheduled and re-scheduled when no one is reached. There need to be reliable means to control the ordering at each stage.

Automate rescheduling of contact attempts

Reduce admin effort and increase the speed of preparing lists of contact entries to be contacted.