Frustrations Customer Service Centers Are Facing

Here are the 5 most common problem types customers come to us for:

1. “My IVR can’t look up a customer’s recent activity and then decide what to do based on that.”

2. “A resolution from a skilled agent costs us EUR 1.5 per minute. Spending this on complex interactions is justifiable, but they’re actually handling routine tasks 80% of the time, which makes little business sense.”

3. “We suddenly have 10,000 calls on a Monday morning, which causes complaints and a drop in NPS & customer satisfaction.”

4. “Our IT department has hit barriers in implementing a difficult integration. This is leading to frustrations and delays.”

5. “My rivals use new tools like WhatsApp, but I’m getting stuck on obstacles like customers opting in”

They need a business process tool for solving these problems in a simple and timely manner.

That’s what @bableforce helps them with.

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