Guiding Principle: There Are No Users Only People

Here’s one of our guiding principles:

There are no “users,” only people.

Our task isn’t to help an imaginary ‘average’ business or person; it’s
to help real people who face real challenges.

For example:

One of our customers, @Marley Spoon, wanted to prioritize and call the people who are likely to churn or lessen their account value.

It was a difficult integration.

But we figured out how to do it without huge involvement from development teams from either side.

Every time we come across a new requirement or an issue like this, we try to solve that problem.

And we try to solve it such that it solves 100 other problems that we might not be aware of yet.

To do that, we:
– embed our customer service team in the product proces,
– empower them such that they are like internal representatives of our customers, and
– align our product roadmap with the customers’ expectations to solve these problems with our own investment.

What are some guiding principles you stand by?

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