How to Improve Your CX With No Code

Can you create an Uber-like CX without deploying thousands of engineers?

Let’s find out:

Solving customer center problems is hard.

Let’s say you want to build a system that automatically understands and categorizes emails from customers.

You need to:

– look up data in one system
– send it to a natural language processor
– understand its component and categorize it
– deal with the false positives and false negatives.
– authenticate the emails

…there could be 12 more bullet points before we’re finished.

If we look at the systems most contact centers have, it’s a lot of boxes of components with many settings in them.

It further complicates things instead of simplifying them!

That’s where CX No-Code comes into the scene.

It puts the power of building experiences into the hands of people who don’t have the resources to create them from scratch.

It helps folks close to the process build what they need to create an Uber-like feel to their customer service.