Most Call Centers Are Deploying the Wrong Automation Solution

Here are 2 (often wrong) paths that most contact centers take to try to solve their automation problems:

1) Launch big software and cloud infrastructure projects

In this approach, you use additional development and DevOps resources to build the integrations and automation logic themselves.

This can be a good idea if you are @Netflix, @Gorillaz, @Uber, etc.

But it’s a terrible idea if you don’t have massive investment for developing and maintaining these solutions.

You’ll end up building an entire product suite internally, which would then need permanent code maintenance and management.

2) Buy bolt-on solutions

In this approach, you get single-use-case solutions for each problem.

– If you need WhatsApp integration, you buy a WhatsApp for Business plug-in.
– If you need to offer call-backs, you buy a virtual queuing bolt-on.

The issue here is that each of these bolt-ons is basically a new silo.

You hit barriers to incorporating the bolt-on into your data flows and processes, making your integration issues bigger than before.

The simple way:
At @babelforce, we solve these automation problems with a toolkit of pre-built ‘lego blocks’ of code.

Our users clip their blocks together into whatever process they need – no coding required.

Netflix and Uber might make their own lego blocks from scratch, but you don’t need to.#CustomerExperience #CX