Nurture onboarding users

Your business objectives

Nurturing onboarding user

  1. Increase success of onboarding steps

  2. Increase revenue by prioritizing high LTV customers

  3. Reduce cost by utilizing agents more efficiently

Benefits customers achieve

20% increased agent productivity

Over 8 manual tasks removed per agent-customer interaction

Increase revenue by

Increasing success of onboarding

Prioritizing effort by likely life time value

Decrease cost by

Using partial automations to increase productivity of agents

Automating some tasks completely and reduce agent time

Using integration workflows to reduce administration cost

Automating reporting to reduce cost of preparation

Process changes you want

Assist people where onboarding requires documents

Whenever customer account occurrence is flagged as at risk start automated attempt to call the customer

Avoid losing high-value customers due to complex identity verification steps

Only call the customer when agents of the right skillset are available

Prevent failure to onboard due to technical or process issues

Remove all manual steps by agents: send the agent the data and link to account of customer, script …

Capture accurate failure reasons

Capture accurate failure reasons so you can address correctly

Accurately track performance

Accurately track performance against management goals

Remove administration overhead

Remove administration overhead when issues occur