SMS from IVR

Your business objectives

SMS from IVR

  1. Reduce agent handling time
  2. Provide customers with info immediately on other channel
  3. Deflect calls at peak to efficiently handle on mobile

Benefits customers achieve

58% are frustrated by inconsistent experiences across channels

> 98% cost reduction to serve routine tasks

Offer customers an alternative to waiting – engage on the preferred channel

Increase revenue by

Answering queries fast during sales

Freeing up agents to deal with sales & service

Decrease cost by

Automating routine tasks

Reducing demand on agents at peak times

Choosing which channel to use (incl. by cost)

Process changes you want

Customisation of the information sent

Decide when to message callers, what to send and what links to include

SMS or other

When caller does not have a mobile, send message on other verified messaging service

Customer data

Automatically determine if the customer has previously contacted with email, whatsapp, messenger, etc.

Customer prioritization

For VIP customers (e.g. high LTV) prioritize service with agents