Solving Your Callback Issues

Here are 2 kinds of callbacks (and how to deal with them):

1. Callback for those in the queue:

It’s when you offer a callback to someone waiting for too long and they opt-in for it.

Most companies use a bolt-on solution for it.

These solutions are problematic because usually they aren’t deeply integrated into your systems (such as ticketing, skill management, availability management, and ACD).

So you stand the risk of making the situation worse by promising to callback at a certain time and failing to do so.

That’s why you need to ensure that:
– these bolt-on solutions are properly integrated
– if you fail to call back, you send them a message about it and schedule another time

At babelforce, we help you do both.

2. Dynamic web callback:

It’s when your website dynamically decides to offer you a callback with a skilled agent if you’ve got a big enough issue (even though you didn’t come through a call channel).

You’d have often seen it on Amazon.

It’s super powerful, but very few organizations offer it.

That’s because it’s difficult to build an algorithm that enables you to decide if you want to offer a callback to a customer.

At babelforce, we help you build that algorithm using our No-Code Lego Blocks.