The #1 Frustration for Call Center Leaders

“My agents are doing menial tasks all the time. How can I automate them?”

Nearly every prospect we talk to has this complaint.

What I often hear is: “All we want to do is X, but we’re hitting roadblocks to implement that.”

This X could be:

– “When customers call us, they must be able to opt-in for WhatsApp communication.”
– “Every time we get this information on a form, we’d like it automatically cleaned, filled, and landed in the right data set so agents can look it up easily.”
– “When an email comes in, we need the system to understand the content and categorize 80-90% of them.”

These operations folks know exactly:

– what needs to be fixed
– what the business outcome would be
– how much money it would save them

Yet, they’re banging their heads against the wall because there are so many barriers to achieving that.

That’s where we come in.

At @babelforce, we don’t think the solution should be more complicated than the problem! Generally, we can help our customers implement the automations they’ve been struggling with, in as little as a few hours.

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