Customer Service & AI: Thriller, Killer or No-Filler?

Thursday May 20 – 10AM (GMT) – Join our panel of experts as they explore the state of AI in customer services. Is it living up to the hype, or is that bubble ready to burst? We’ve assembled three AI pros to demonstrate some real-world uses for AI in the contact center so you can decide for yourself – is AI really the future of the industry?

  • What’s driving all that AI interest in the eCommerce sector?
  • Just how fast can you finish a natural language deployment?
  • Is “intent detection” the secret sauce for next-gen AI?
Pierce Buckley

Pierce Buckley

CEO & Co-founder
Pierce has over 20 years experience creating CX journeys using integration and automation in the contact center.

Michael Haller

Chief Business Officer
Michael is an expert in Natural Language Understanding, focused on scalable AI solutions that integrate well into existing IT systems.

Adrian Swinscoe

Best-selling CX author
Adrian is a CX thought leader, visionary, best-selling author, Forbes contributor, speaker, investor, advisor and aspirant CX Punk.