Whiteboard your ideal contact center – Book a slot with an expert

We are here to help – Learn how to optimize your call center
services and business processes

Book a dedicated session to explore the new art of the possible. You can work directly with our expert team to figure out how to implement your business processes.

Our promise to call center teams: “If you can whiteboard it, you can automate it with NO code.”

This is an interactive working session. Bring your ideas, questions, problems and let’s work on them. We love to help make your #CCTR great.

There is not a set agenda: the time is set aside to deal with what you need. You can build almost any integrated and automate almost any call and contact center process. To give you an idea, we can help in these sessions with things like the following:

–> Getting data from IVR and call flows into your Helpdesk or CRM

–> Optimizing automatic selection of language, skill set, territory

–> Improving efficiency for call-backs

–> Delivery data to agents with each call

–> Ensuring security and compliance in different EU territories for calls and data

–> Using call recording in a compliant way

–> Integrating telecoms and voice media devices

–> Recommend how to optimize networks for voice traffic

–> Dealing with out-of-hours calls and business rules

–> Optimising processes for calls, ticketing, CRM and what happens on the backend and in fulfilment

–> Setting up real-time monitoring for call and sales teams

–> Integrating call processes with your other systems

You can pick a time slot that suits you.

After you have registered you’ll receive a confirmation. Later we’ll send you an invite to an online meeting.