Why I started babelforce

I started @babelforce because first-hand experience showed me how complex and
costly it is to improve customer experience in the contact center.

It’s unbearable to leave broken processes as they are… but when I first tried to start this company, I just couldn’t get the right team together.

That changed when I met my co-founders, @Christian Förster and @Timo Friedl.

@Christian is a multi-talented guy, part CTO, part COO, part CFO, with an incredible range of technical and business skills.

In the early days, he’d be deploying servers one minute and working on accounting the next.

@Timo is one of those rare individuals who do the work of 100 engineers.

That seems exaggerated, but it’s true!

His thought process gets to the bottom of large problems first time, avoiding bottlenecks that would get in the way later.

Over the years, we’ve attracted talents with a similar creative flair, people who can deliver projects that used to take 6 months in just a few weeks.

All of that combined becomes our superpower; the ability to turn requirements from Enterprise clients into things they can put together themselves.

That’s how we achieved so much with this platform in only 8 years.

#CX #CustomerExperience