Integrate. Automate. Add intelligence.

All plans allow you to add automation magic to integrated communications.
Pay for what you use – services simply scale as you use more automation.
Automate call and messaging processes across your favorite tools: your helpdesk, your CRM and your own systems … and any API. Create a complete IVR and call center with mixture of automation and agent service.

$49/ per user per month

Automate call and messaging processes across your favorite tools: your helpdesk, your CRM and your own systems … and any API. Create a complete IVR and call center with mixture of automation and agent service.

$99+/ per user per month

Integration: add magic automations with events, triggers and actions babelFlex babelEnterprise
Create process flows for integrated CRMs
Create process flows for integrated ticketing / case management
Define actions on any other API
Create automations with actions across pre-built integrations
Use events in calls and messaging to trigger actions
Use events in queues and IVR apps to trigger actions
Add custom data to contexts for triggering
Create self-defined events to trigger actions
Automated communications: call flows, web-to-call, IVR, SMS, messaging, emails
Trigger SMS with info, links from any other app
Create 2-way SMS conversation workflows for agents
Create bulk SMS messaging flows
Dynamic queue experience based on conditions
IVR app and queue flow builder
Retrieve data from other source for use in IVR
Trigger action on other API from call flows
Trigger email or other message from anywhere in a babelforce interaction flow
Routing & assigning calls, tasks, messages …
Skills-based routing
Availability-based routing
Attribute and status-based routing
Create queues with dynamic selections of employees
Cascade queues in any way to create overflows
Use previous interactions and data to select employees
Auto present employees with next call, message, task or any object in your other systems
Outbound: automatically call and message your customers
Automatically route contact or lead follow-up to agent
Add connect request from website call-back or any other tool
Generate lists of connection requests from any web tool
Dynamically order and re-schedule calls based on data from any source
Allow employees to schedule next call-back or contact instantly
Create automated outbound campaigns compliant with local regulations
Recording and storing interactions
Dynamic triggering to record inbound calls
Enable compliant recording of outbound calls
Allow opt-out of call recording (local legal requirements)
Stop and start recordings
Use own storage and/or keep recordings for longer periods
Meta data and recording control for special purposes: contract closure, financial services compliance
PCI compliant call recording
Deployments: Territory-specific, Multi-territory, Hybrid Cloud/Private
Automated monitoring of live services and auto failure detection
Elastic resource allocation to handle any number of calls
Send calls from other providers via SIP to babelforce
Multile terrritory deployment: APAC, EU/EMEA, USA, LATAM
Dedicated availability SLAs
Hybrid deployment (some data and services in private hosting)
Virtual private network – segregated services
SSO – enable single sign-on across all your apps including embedded apps for employees
Infrastructure: telecommunications
Phone numbers for voice and SMS in almost any country in the world
Use your existing phone numbers: SIP forwarding, interconnection and porting are all supported
Register and verify existing external phone numbers for use in babelforce workflows
Add numbers and inbound carrier routes in any country
Add your own or custom carrier or carrier call plan for voice or SMS
Fax-to-email, to ticket, to task …
Use speech recognition together with other automation: IVR and SMS
Infrastructure: your equipment and networks
Connect your existing phone devices
Use separated LAN optimized for voice
Central config and management of phone devices: softphones and hardphones
Support to optimize voice quality in your networks
Use your existing PBX or ACD with SIP trunking
Add multiple SIP channels per user (for multi-device unified communications use cases)
Dashboards, Reporting and BI
Real-time dashboard for inbound and outbound interactions
Multiple dashboards for teams, queues and specific configurations
Reports on agent activity and performance
Extract data into own data warehouse
Automatically add data to objects in other tools (tickets, tasks, leads, contacts …) to use other reporting
Metrics API and metrics widgets to embed real-time data in any web tool
Push data to create real-time use cases in any other system

Integrate all business processes with your calls and communications.

Packages are flexible for a variety of needs: choose the one that best fits the processes and integrations you need for your business.