Real-time Notifications

Real-time Notifications

Real-time, out-of-the-box

Without writing any code, you get real-time notifications in any service that you deploy using babelforce. For example your agent statuses update automatically across multiple applications and are visible in monitoring dashboards. Similarly, you do not need to request information on current in-hours schedules or check when certain call events occur. These occurrences simply cause the appropriate real-time updates to be broadcast and your various applications and interfaces connected to babelforce will receive the information and act in whatever way you configure them.

Data stream for your applications and dashboards

As well as using pre-built real-time notifications, developers can also subscribe directly to any of the “channels” that we send updates on. This gives you the flexibility to create real-time behaviors in your other systems, your websites and your mobile or other apps. It also provides you the freedom to get all the real-time information into your dashboards or other monitoring systems.

Real-time Notifications

Integrate any business processes with no coding needed!

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