Skills-based Routing


What is Skills-based Call Routing?

Skills-based call routing is a practice used in call centers to direct inbound calls based on the expertise of agents.

The aim of skills-based routing is to improve service beyond what is possible with an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), which directs calls based only on the availability of agents.v

Improve customer experience

What do customers like least about call centers? Survey after survey reveal the same two problems: multiple transfers, and uninformed agents.

Skills-based routing is how you make the right connections first time, every time. By simply adding tags to agent profiles, you can be sure that calls go straight to the people who can resolve them.

Keep business objectives in view

Call routing methodology should reflect your priorities. Whether you’re configuring support processes for multiple teams, or responding to external events in real-time, you need tools that change with your needs.

Some platforms are only customizable in theory, because the effort of starting a major IT project is uneconomical. But babelforce is customizable in practice, changing how and when you want. The ‘rough and ready’ approach of automatic call distribution is no longer viable; now it’s time to explore the alternatives.

Skills-based Routing

Multilingual call routing

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Parlez-Vous Francais? Hablas Español?

When communication is your business, getting language right is… quite important.

Multilingual call routing is possibly the most significant branch of skills-based routing, giving you the opportunity to delight multilingual customers.

But this tool that also enables your business to cater to new markets as they appear, all from the same contact center platform. Wherever your business is going, it can get there with babelforce.

Keep business objectives in view

A skills-based approach to call routing improves customer experience and reduces AHT – but it also does a lot to help agents.

Some of the best contact center businesses improve training and increase retention with intelligent routing practices. While tougher calls are routed to veteran call center agents, new starters can spend time in ‘boot camp’.

Beginning with simpler calls helps agents build the skills and confidence they need to commit to a career with you.

We allow you to change your processes at the same speed as customer needs

Request a demo and we will help you to build the most complex of integrated processes.

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