call recording solutions

Call Recording Solutions

Recording calls has for decades presented one of the biggest challenges for businesses. Call recording touches on so many other business requirements – so it has been difficult and costly to deploy and maintain: PCI compliance, data protection, audit trail, contract documentation, card payments, performance measurement and training. The call recording solutions have to integrate with telephony infrastructure, agent Helpdesk software, card payments solutions, reporting. There is no denying the complexity of the business needs.

But does the solution have to be as complex as it has been to date? Why is the cost of ownership of existing call recording solutions so high?

We have taken a different approach to call recording that deals with all the requirements, but in a departure from the way traditional solutions work. We believe that it is possible to fulfil all the PCI requirements, have all the business process integration capability, but in a way that is extremely flexible to change. This is the key to reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The first problem we set out to solve was to allow control of call recordings at a deep enough level. The second problem is to provide means to integrate with all the third-party elements needed to solve every requirement area in an elegant but powerful way.

We set out to do just that. The result is a way to do call recordings that works for small teams and large call centers. A small team can, with zero coding or large implementation, enable dynamic control of call recording. At the same time a larger call center can use interfaces to integrate everything. In particular, we have focused on ensuring that call recording works seamlessly with the service and sales tools that you use: Helpdesk software like Zendesk, CRMs like Zoho and Salesforce. Or you can integrate with other solutions using our APIs.

Using the babelforce platform, both small businesses and large enterprises can have call recording solutions that are cheaper and more flexible than traditional approaches.