data integration

Deep Data Integration: Join the Dots to Integrate Everything

Data integration is still an elusive business. Why is it still difficult to join up calls with your other core business solutions? CRMs, Helpdesks, KPI dashboards…

Well it definitely makes no sense to us, especially in an age of advanced computer telephony integration. One of our absolute core principles is that every event on a call is exposed. Not just that but every impact a call has on another element, on a user’s status, for example, must also be available so that you can do whatever you can imagine in your business process.

We don’t like to restrict you, so on babelforce we have multiple mechanisms to enable this “Integrate Everything” principle. Check out two of those mechanisms:

  • We stream real-time data so that you can simply have another application “subscribe” to the data feeds. Deep data integration
  • And use our connector framework for adding deep integrations for specific systems.

Here are example integrations that use those babelforce mechanisms:

Stream API & Geckoboard:
You can push data in real-time using our Stream API. The push streams can be used with Geckoboard to combine real-time data from different sources in one operational view. For example, you can show babelforce call data together with data from a Helpdesk or CRM integration in order to see everything.

Zoho CRM:
babelforce’s Zoho integration gets your communications and CRM all sync’d up. You can push data with calls to the team member working on Zoho. You can build entire IVR, call-flows and queues, and dynamically deliver calls to the right person working on Zoho. If you are running a medium to large sales and service team, then this integrated communications solution has all the power and flexibility you need.