Virtual Contact Center

Forget geographical barriers and set up new agent teams anywhere, with consistent systems and reporting.

virtual contact center

Slash customer service overheads

High performance agents, effective processes, and cutting edge tools – these are the things that really matter in modern customer service. 

You know what doesn’t matter? Office space. 

It’s increasingly apparent to businesses everywhere that the virtual call center model is one of the most impactful cost-saving measures available to them.  

Hiring remote agents saves a typical large contact centers hundreds of thousands of euros per year in facilities costs alone. Add to that the higher rate of staff retention and increase productivity, and the scale of the benefit is dazzling. Book your personal demo to explore the faster path to success, with babelforce.  

Scale rapidly in new territories

Remote agents are more than an addition to your existing team; they can be the vanguard of your customer service presence overseas. 

Communications infrastructure is global – why shouldn’t your team be too? 

Embracing the virtual call center model is one of the most cost-effective ways to scale your customer services at the same pace as your company. 

Don’t let the constraints of local recruitment hold your business back. Think globally, and operate your business wherever there are customers to sell to. 

Hire from a global talent pool

Ask yourself these two questions: what’s the profile of your most successful agents? And how many people just like that live in close proximity to your physical office space? 

Hiring remote workers for customer service roles has been proven to increase engagement, retention, and conversions. The math is simple: more options = better options. 

Whether they’re in the next city, the next state, or a continent away, your best agents are out there. 

Don’t let geography be the obstacle to recruiting world-class customer service agents. Embrace remote and virtual service models and make sure your standard is the only standard for new teams members. 

Virtual Contact Centers are here to stay.

Pierce CEO video

More than half of US call centers now employ remote agents. These employees tend to supplement a core, on-site team and perform specialized roles because  – no surprise – they’re usually the most skilled and experienced member of staff. 

We’re well into the age of remote work. There’s no sign that the trend will ever reverse; it may well gain pace. Talk to us today to learn how embracing the virtual contact center model will expand your horizons.