multilingual call flow

Multilingual Call Flow

Language selection

Create as many language-specific call experiences as you need, then allow callers to choose the appropriate one with a simple menu. From the beginning of a call a customer should be efficiently presented with choice.


Language selection maximizes the number of successful experiences in IVR and call queues. Best of all, with babelforce language selection is completely flexible. Menus controlling language and other territory-specific options can be inserted at any point in a call experience.  

Switching triggers

Automation is not all about efficiency. Platforms should be able to use pre-defined condition testing to personalize what a caller hears. Simply set the platform to read particular data associated with a call, then use this data to route through your desired applications.


Test for the international country code prefix of an inbound call number, and automatically route the call to a language specific experience. Test which of your numbers callers dial to connect them to the right service and fully optimize call query handling.

Multilingual IVR menu

Set up your IVR menu in any language you like. We don’t care what you say or how you say it – add as many different audio prompt files as you want, and order them how you want. Do it with your mouse too; there’s no need for any coding here.

Only customizable multilingual call flows can support international phone services. Best of all, the babelforce platform treats IVR menus as flexible applications. So once you’ve configured them, you can link them up to single or multiple territory-specific call flows. Combine or switch between menus based on customer interaction and automated trigger conditions.

Triggered multilingual SMS

No more endless elevator music. Use individual routing, IVR and audio applications to break up the waiting experience. This allows you to provide callers with channel shifts to web or SMS and play informational audio or music prompts via IVR menus, all whilst the best agent is found.


Use condition-based triggers in the waiting experience to test calls for wait time, agent availability and more – then decide whether to send it to another queue or offer classic alternative phone services: call-back and voicemail.

Select agent by language

All inbound call data is available on the the babelforce platform. Through deep data integrations this data can easily be shared with your other core business tools: Helpdesk, CRM and ERP among many others.


Create and update tickets, cases or customer records automatically for inbound calls, then perform lookups in those systems via our powerful and open API to find end-users associated with that call data. Populate these external tool interfaces with customer and call data, then assign the ticket or case to the relevant agent.

Tag ticket with language

Once you have gathered information on the language, it needs to made available in the helpdesk ticket or case for downstream processing. On babelforce you can create rules to dynamically decide on the set of tags to be written to your helpdesk ticket.


Since you can also create rules for determining the language and other features of the call, you can decide exactly what data to add to your tickets.

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