Out-of-hours Call Flow

Business hours


Design your business hours schedules and update them whenever you like. These time plans are available to use as routing conditions, which means that you can set up entirely different experiences for your out-of-hours service.

Use business hours scheduling to offer 24/7 support, and combine schedules to optimize your service. Automatically route calls to overflow teams or outsourced teams in other territories, or use business hours rules to design multichannel automated services: channel shift to web-help and SMS, or IVR automation.

Process logic triggers


Condition-based triggers give babelforce the ultimate flexibility. Capture your real-life business workflow conditions and implement these rules directly in your call handling. When it comes to creating caller experiences, having triggers that can set off any change you need is indispensable.

Triggers control and customize inbound routing, agent selections and queues, and actions in integrated systems. Implement any feature of calls, such as decisions made in IVR or phone number format, then use these conditions at any stage of a call to trigger actions: send SMS messages, create customer records – you name it.   

IVR menu


Build any kind of IVR: Use simple IVRs to give structure to your services, or customize your inbound routing to create complex agent selections and manage services and channels. Automate your support through IVRs to provide triggered SMS and email or audio information. Provide multiple channels and services during waiting experiences, and offer alternative services at any point to build a 24/7 service.

IVRs on babelforce can feed service data into BI tools and real-time dashboards and provide reports on caller journeys. Use this data to optimize your services and create outstanding customer experiences

Triggered SMS for web help


Our triggers are not limited to manipulating inbound routing. They should be ready to fire off actions crucial to the caller experience: automated channel shift to self-service or support information. Don’t just offer callers SMS from IVR, use triggered SMS as an alternative service to offer 24/7 support.

Auto-send SMS to calls from mobile if the option is presented in IVR. Stop callers waiting for an agent or leaving a frustrated voicemail, and offer them instant help with an SMS link to your web services, straight to their phone.

Phone call-back


Outstanding customer experiences require personalization. Arrange call-backs at any time that suits your customers, and get this data into your agents’ support systems so they can reply promptly. Offer this service choice in IVR, either to break up a waiting experience or to give proactive support to customers around the clock.

Give your customers the option to say when they want a call-back, and the request into tickets and cases in your core business tools. You can also set the data to allow management of your call-back response time. Scheduling call-backs with babelforce is intelligent and flexible, extending your service whilst improving the customer experience.



Implementing voicemail on the babelforce platform is completely dynamic. Set an application to capture voice recordings, then tag and send them off to your agents’ core business tools. Having this flexibility means you can take recordings at different parts of a call. Offer voicemail in the waiting experience if it’s been too long, or straightaway in your out-of-hours service.

You shouldn’t need to spend time finding and identifying voicemails. Have them ready to play directly from support tickets or CRM records. Take control of voicemail to optimize the customer experience and improve your sales and support workflows.