2 Best Practices to Build Contact Center Infrastructure

Here are 2 best practices to follow when building contact center infrastructure.

1. Make your lines editable

You need to turn your infrastructure components into editable and query-able software, be it:
– telephony,
– telecoms interconnection,
– the line to the agent,
– the 2nd line an agent opens to transfer the call, etc.

One of our customers, Florian Riedl, at EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG says, “The worst problem is infrastructure masquerading as software.”

And that’s frequently the case with contact centers.

That’s why when you start a new initiative, you often find that you didn’t know:
– somebody was on hold for a minute when you tried to transfer the call, or
– how much talk time was involved in the transfer.

2. Constantly monitor the quality of service

I don’t mean setting up a test component and doing the testing but doing it in a way that you’re constantly getting the metrics.

It’s okay if you face some jitters on a 1-on-1 call.

But if it’s a 100-1,000 agent contact center where you’re talking to customers, you need a component to constantly measure the jitter levels so that you can manage the quality.

It’s a pity that most modern contact centers fail to:
– turn their components into software all the way down,
– find a way to measure and manage service quality.