We launched our 3 Keys to Manage Your Monday Peak

“I can’t possibly staff for even 50% of our Monday morning peak. What should I do?”

3 keys to managing your peak periods:

1. Prioritization:

You need to decide what’s important for you and what’s not, regardless of what you’d like to achieve in an ideal world.

To be able to prioritize properly, you must have a data-driven approach so that you can know why someone is calling/messaging you.

2. Automation:

Automating your routine tasks (partially or completely) reduces the amount of agent time that’s going to be involved.

If you can move 10% of your peak calls to automation and another 10% to the callback, your peak will suddenly become very manageable.

In many situations, it can result in an 80% improvement in your answer time during that peak, if even you’re moving relatively small percentages of the high priority items.

3. Agent guidance:

Your agents should have everything on their fingertips delivered by the automation in the background.

Example: Everything that was typed in on the previous input from the user should automatically be looked up.

These things sound complicated (if not impossible), but the tools we have today have certainly made them a lot easier to do.

3 keys to managing your peaks:
– Prioritize
– Automate
– Guide