Are You Using CX Tools That Don’t Match Your Needs

Do you use iMovie or Premiere Pro in your contact center?

Here’s what I mean:

– iMovie is simple-to-use software that comes in-built with Apple products.
– Premiere Pro is advanced editing software.

While I might prefer to use iMovie to quickly edit a birthday greeting, if I’m hiring a video editor, I’d like them to use Premiere Pro.

Sadly, when it comes to CX tools, most contact centers go for the equivalent of iMovie because it seems to fulfill their current need.

But they outgrow the product within a short period of time because it’s just a layer at the top that allows them to do a few things.

Since contact center service is complex, requiring you to map out different processes, you need to give your team the equivalent of Premiere Pro.

People stay away from it because there’s a steep learning curve.

But once you get past that, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you.

In fact, here’s one of the most successful CX career paths I’ve seen:

People start out as agents/supervisors and then graduate to becoming what we call “Makers” by learning to use tools that allow them to do almost anything in the contact center.

So if you like to build stuff without limiting yourself with something like the iMovie variant, you need the Premiere Pro.