Do This to Improve the Reliability and Quality of Calls

Most of our contact center prospects struggle with call quality, one way or another.

Here’s why that happens:

The path between the consumer and the agent is a long one.

– The customer calls on the public telephone network; that’s the 1st 1000s miles (if you’re lucky enough to be in the same country).
– The last mile is the ISP
– It goes through a network router; that’s hundreds of meters.

That’s a huge path for a lot of problems to occur.

At babelforce, we try to give call centers as much control as possible over each of these.

But we don’t have control over all of these, especially the last mile (the ISP) and the last meter (which is the agents’ desk).

So we give them the ability to get all the metrics automatically to determine where there is jitter, such as:
– delays in the calls
– calls attempted but not delivered

That gives us the power to have the right conversations and optimize that journey.