How the Best CX Leaders Craft Their Customer Journey

Here are 4 steps to build the best possible customer experience.

1. Forget all the constraints and draw what you want:

– Do you want a dynamic web callback for people who are logged into your site the same way that Amazon does?
– Or even better, do you want some completely new algorithm that nobody has?

The best CX leaders I know give zero consideration to the problems when deciding upon their vision.

2. Find out the technological constraints:

Only accept technological constraints that are in-principle constraints.

That means it’s impossible to do in the world and has nothing to do with the limitations of your current technology/team.

An example of a constraint you could accept is:

“When doing the web callback, we NEED to verify the customers’ number. Else we’ll open ourselves up to all kinds of frauds.”

Anything below that bar will just cut down on your vision.

3. Figure out if it fits into your current process:

You might have to accept some constraints because it’s not in line with your company strategy or you might not have the funding to do it.

As goes the golden rule: The right solution at the wrong time is always wrong.

4. Approach it phase-by-phase:

Once you’ve decided upon your vision and found out your current constraints, you need to figure out how to do an MVP.

It doesn’t necessarily need to fulfill every single last use case of your vision.

But it should move the needle forward.

Let me know if you found this helpful. Anything I missed?